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Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
you wants powered. >> the exciting news, the machine is so efficient that it recycles the energy over and over again in temperatures to boil the water aside of it. the bad news, what if you go to a place that has no electricity? so we are building a little sterling cycle generator that is about the same physical size that can be put on location just about anywhere in the world. and like the water machine it was designed to deal with the real environment. you can't go down to the local exxon station and say we're going to buy some fuel. it's any source that is local liquid we ran to villages in bangladesh making electricity off the cow dung. we hope to build a sterling cycle generator. especially if we build these large kiosks, we'll bring in ways to store it because in this kiosk we'll put in battery systems. we'll start with they do have access to electricity. and then as technology becomes more advanced as mutar we'll deliver downtown, and it will create jobs, it will create the opportunity for people to get information, and they'll be areas notice of this device, these kiosks
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1